Great Northern Fruit Moot, 2nd Feb 2024

If you’re based within reasonable travelling distance of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and have an interest in fruit growing – particularly, as the poster says, on a community scale – then you should definitely come along to the Great Northern Fruit Moot 2024 on Friday 2nd February, at the Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub.

This is the second year the event has been held. I missed it last year, so whilst I’m not entirely sure what to expect, I do know it will be a great opportunity to meet up with like-minded fruity people and, as the event description says, “share stories, skills and inspiration” and also swap a few fruit scions / bud-sticks. All of which I’m hugely looking forward to.

You’ll also get to hear me talk about pruning, because I somehow managed to allow myself to be everso gently and politely arm-twisted into sitting in on a panel discussion. I don’t think we’ll have all that long to cover what is, after all, a hugely broad and deep subject area and – as friends and colleagues past and present know to their cost – when you get me talking about pruning, the really good trick is then to get me to stop talking about pruning at some point before I pass out from dehydration… but I’ll do my very best to stay on-point and stick to the topic at hand, which is billed as: “pruning: how, how much and why bother?”. Good questions, all.

There are three other talks on the day: earning a living in fruit growing, propagating fruit, and seeking funding for fruit-growing projects, so they promise to be informative and interesting. There’s also a vegan curry for lunch, all for the very reasonable day-ticket price of just £17.

Do come along if you can, and please do feel free to say hello, especially if you spot me standing around like a spare pole lopper at a cordon pruning party.

See you there!

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