Jeanette C. Van Duyn’s 1921 Recipe for ‘Casserole of Quinces’

“Peel 6 large quinces, cut in halves and remove the cores. Place in a buttered casserole or pie-dish, sprinkle ½ cup sugar over, add 1 cup water, 3 or 4 cloves, and 2 or 3 pieces of stick cinnamon to flavour. Dot pieces of butter on top, cover with the lid of another dish and put in a moderate oven to stew until done. Serve with whipped cream.”

Jeanette C. Van Duyn, Canning, Preserving, Pickling and Fruit Desserts (1921)

You know, I have to admit that I was expecting something a little more technically challenging than this when I saw the recipe title. I mean, “casserole” sort of implies a few more ingredients than just quinces, butter, sugar and spices, no? Or maybe it just refers to the sort of deep dish that you’d use as a cooking vessel?

Well, hey, I’m sure the results of this oven method for stewing quinces are as delicious as the method is simple. And there’s always room for one more quince recipe here on Orchard Notes.

How about you? Do you like the sound of this ultra-simple Casserole recipe? Or do you have a more adventurous and/or even more delicious method for stewing up your quinces? Do please let me know if so, via the comments.

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