Heirloom Fruit Recipe Radio Chat with Susan Poizner

Image credit: screenshot via OrchardPeople.com

Last week I was delighted to be a guest on Susan Poizner’s Urban Forestry Radio show. Susan is a community orchard advocate, fruit tree grower and orchard tutor who regularly hosts her show on Toronto-based Reality Radio 101.

For episode #74 of the show Susan invited myself, Brigitte Webster of The Tudor Experience, and Paul Couchman The Regency Cook to join her and talk about our mutual fascination for historical cookery and fruit recipes in particular.

We all had a great time discussing our respective work, interests and fruit tree growing experiences, and shared a few seasonal fruit recipes that are easy to make and – as I can personally vouch for in the case of Eliza Acton’s Essex Pudding, which I’ve made a few times now – absolutely delicious.

You can listen to a full podcast recording of the show by visiting Susan’s Orchard People website and here’s an edited highlights video version:

The show’s page on OrchardPeople.com also links out to the recipes we discussed on the show. Enjoy!

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