Spoilt for Choice at Village Greens, Prestwich

From L to R: ‘Scrumptious’, ‘Red Windsor’, ‘Lord Lambourne’

A quick shout out today for our local community store / organic supermarket / community owned cooperative: Village Greens of Prestwich, in north Manchester / south Bury.

From September through to the end of December (or even January, if I’m very lucky) Village Greens (or VGs as we call ’em in our house) stock a regularly-rotating range of freshly picked, all-organic apples. In the pic above, from left to right, we have this week’s purchases: ‘Scrumptious[1], ‘Red Windsor‘, and ‘Lord Lambourne‘ and they also had ‘Discovery‘ in stock. Last week they had ‘Lena'[2] and ‘(Laxton’s) Epicure‘, and next week it could be something different again.

This makes Village Greens the best possible source, around our neck of the woods, for sampling a wonderfully wide range of delicious apple varieties, the vast majority of which will taste so much better than almost anything you’re likely to find in the major supermarkets[3]. They also sell, all year round, a range of organic apple juices from Oakwood Farm in Sussex[4].

Anyhow, if you’re based in or just passing through Prestwich then do make a point of calling in at at Village Greens to buy a few bagfuls of apples. Your taste buds will thank you for it.


1 A very, very tasty apple indeed, not at all sugary, with hints of pear drops and aniseed.
2 I can’t find ‘Lena’ in any of the usual databases, unless it’s a misnomer, and it should be ‘Luna’ (a.k.a. UEB 3375/2) or ‘Elena‘ ?
3 The exception that proves the rule is when Tesco has occasionally stocked ‘Norfolk Royal Russet’, which is one of my favourite apples, bar none.
4 If I’m correctly remembering a conversation from a while ago, Oakwood Farm might also be the source of VGs’ apples. But don’t quote me on that.

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