Ads of Yore: Hardie Orchard Equipment

Advertisement for Hardie Ladder, Barnett Picking Pail and Portland Picking Bag, from the Hardie Fruit Co. in ‘Better Fruit’ Magazine, Vol X No. I, July 1915.

This advertisement, from issue X No. I of Better Fruit magazine, published in July 1915, shows that when it comes to good, useful, orchard equipment, the materials might have changed over the years, but the essential requirements and concepts remain the same.

The Barnett Picking Pail’s galvanised iron and canvas has most likely been replaced by a cheap, easily re-washable, plastic garden trug. The Hardie Ladder’s tripod format is still the best for working safely at height on often uneven surfaces, but these days a Niwaki or Henchman ladder will be made of aluminium, with an adjustable leg or three, and maybe a top-level platform and safety harnesses. When it comes to the Portland Picking Bag though, I think it really is only the canvas that has been switched for nylon or some other man-made fabric. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the one I bought a couple of weeks ago has almost exactly the same basic design.

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