Eliza Acton, on Making Essex Pudding

Essex Pudding (Cheap and Good): Mix with a quarter of a pound of mashed potatoes, half a pound of good boiling apples minced, four ounces of brown sugar, four small eggs well beaten and strained and a little grated lemon-peel or nutmeg. Increase the ingredients one half and add two ounces of butter, should a larger and better pudding be desired: about half an hour will bake it.

Potatoes mashed, 4 ozs; apples 8 ozs; sugar 4 ozsl eggs, 4, half hour.

Eliza Acton, Modern Cookery in All Its Branches (1845)

Well, this sounds… interesting. Mashed spud with apples, sugar and eggs? That’s gluten free, which means I can actually eat it.

Anyone else fancy giving it a go?

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