Historical Orchard Recipes

This page provides a quick index of historical orchard-fruit recipes that I’ve come across in the course of my research into apple varieties and orchard management methods.

I’ll be gradually adding to it as time, and recipe discovery, allows. If you know of any interesting sources for recipes that use orchard fruits – the more historical the better – please do let me know.

Likewise, if you decide to try out any of the recipes, (successfully or otherwise) please do feel free to send me an email with a description of your methods and results – the more photos the better, I’d really love to see them – or just leave a comment on the relevant orchard recipe post.

Online Sources

Posted on OrchardNotes.com

c.1390 – Comadore – from The Forme of Cury
c.1440 – Apple Muse and Apple Moyle, Fygeye, Quynade – From The Austin Manuscripts
c.1550 – Applemoyse – Anon
1591 – Apple Pomages – A. W.
1594 – Apple Pescods – Thomas Dawson
1615 – Apple Pufs – John Morrell
1701 – Paste of Plumbs – A Lady
1755 – Quiddany of Pippins – Elizabeth Clelland
1770 – Pumkin and Spiced Apples – William Hanbury
1802 – Pippins With Rice – John Mollard
1845 – Essex Pudding – Eliza Acton
1854 – Raisiné Composé – J. C. Loudon
1865 – Pommes à la Vésuve – Georgiana Hill
1890 – Apple Bavaroise – Theodore Francis Garrett