The following works are either print copies in my possession, or copyright-free historical texts or open source research projects that have been downloaded from various sources. The full list of can be found (in a read-only form) here (cataloguing ongoing).

Key texts that have been referred to in the course of my ongoing research projects are shown below (again, cataloguing ongoing), with a ‘Research Notes’ link to summaries and/or findings of interest and (affilitate) link to for any fellow readers or researchers who are interested in obtaining their own copy.

2011 – Growing Fruit Trees (English translation)
ed. Jean-Marie Lespinasse, Évelyne Leterme
(original: 2005 De La Taille à la Conduite des Arbres Frutiers)

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1954 – The Pruning of Fruit Trees
Paul Champagnat (trans. N. B. Bagenal)

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