Fruit Books – Orchard Bibliography

Welcome to my ‘Pomolibrary’. The books listed on this page are all on the subject of top-fruit, soft-fruit, orchard management, cider-making, the social, economic and landscape history of orchards and orcharding, or cooking with, eating and enjoying the fruit harvest.

The list below is of the print books in my own collection, but in the course of various research projects I’ve also found hundreds of copyright-free historical texts that are available online. The full list of everything I’ve come across to-date can be accessed (read-only) via this Google Docs spreadsheet.

Research is always ongoing, so if you’re aware of any books that really ought to be added to my Pomolibrary, or open source texts that aren’t already listed on the spreadsheet, or a relevant online archive that I might like to take a look at, please do drop me a line and let me know. Likewise if you have any fruit-related books that you’re interesting in selling, please let me know the details.

Please note: I’m in the process of adding more detailed info, cover images etc. for currently-available titles. Please bear with me as I gradually work my way down the list. Any links below to and are affiliate links. If you choose to buy a copy of a book via one of these links, I’ll earn a (very) small referral fee… which I promise to spend on more fruit books.

2023Apples and Orchards Since the Eighteenth Century: Material Innovation and Cultural Tradition
Joanna Crosby

Showing how the history of the apple goes far beyond the orchard and into the social, cultural and technological developments of Britain and the USA, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach to reveal the importance of the apple as a symbol of both tradition and innovation. 

Publisher: Bloomsbury Books
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2023Medlars, Growing and Cooking
Jane Steward

At Eastgate in rural North Norfolk, Jane Steward is reviving the medlar, an old English fruit which was once Britain’s sweet treat. Her trees are alive with colour for much of the year: white and yellow flowers in the summer, green leaves that turn to gold and russet…

Publisher: Prospect Books
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2022English Orchards: A Landscape History
Gerry Barnes and Tom Williamson

This book attempts, for the first time, to provide a comprehensive review of the development of orchards in England from the Middle Ages to the present day. It describes the various different kinds of orchard and explains how, and when, they appeared in the landscape…

Publisher: Oxbow Books
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2022The Lost Orchards
Liz Copas, with Nick Poole

In 2007 the pomologist Liz Copas and cidermaker Nick Poole began a quest to find and identify old varieties of cider apple trees around Dorset. The search lasted more than a decade, taking them across the county, searching in forgotten orchards, hedgerows and the corners of gardens…

Publisher: Little Toller Books
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2022The Commonplace Book of John Gwin of Llangwm
ed. Madeleine Gray, Tony Hopkins and Alan Withey

John Gwin’s commonplace book is a treasure trove of medical remedies, snippets of local and family history, notes on the management of the Worcester estates, advice on the choice of marriage partners, and tips on good husbandry and orchard management.

Publisher: South Wales Record Society
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2022The Neighbouring Orchard
Annie Lord

Fusing original drawings, interviews with growers, archive maps and photography by Edinburgh photographer Ellie J McMaster, the book tells the story of the creation of The Neighbouring Orchard public artwork as it takes root and becomes a vibrant network of trees, people, communities & wildlife.

Publisher: Art Walk Projects

2022Melons and Other Cucurbits
Richard Brown

Experienced gardener, Richard Brown, a horticultural teacher in the North of England, at Wakefield College in Yorkshire. Richard shows the aspirant gardener all they need about the propagation, technique, germination, compost and growing conditions for melons, squash, pumpkins and cucumbers.

Publisher: Prospect Books
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2021Taming Fruit: How Orchards Have Transformed the Land, Offered Sanctuary, and Inspired Creativity
Bernd Brunner

In Taming Fruit, award-winning writer Bernd Brunner interweaves evocative illustrations with masterful prose to show that the story of orchards is a story of how we have shaped nature to our desires for millennia.

Publisher: Greystone Books
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2021The Book of Difficult Fruit
Kate Lebo

In this work of unique invention, various difficult fruits serve as the central ingredients of twenty-six lyrical essays (and recipes!) that range from deeply personal to botanical, from culinary to medical, from humorous to philosophical. 

Publisher: Picador
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2021The New Sylva; A Discourse of Forest and Orchard Trees for the Twenty-First Century (3rd ed.)
Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet

Silvologist Gabriel Hemery explains what trees really mean to us culturally, environmentally and economically in the first part of the book. These chapters are followed by forty-four detailed tree portrait sections that describe the history and the features of trees such as oak, elm, beech, hornbeam, willow, fir, pine, juniper, plane, apple and pear.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Books
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2021The Orchard Book
Wade Muggleton

Wade Muggleton has distilled 20 years of orchard know-how into this practical handbook to help you plan, plant and manage your orchard, whatever your garden size or budget. With his expert guidance you can have an orchard on any plot – garden, yard, allotment or smallholding.

Publisher: Chelsea Green
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2021The Orchards of Eastern England: History, Ecology and Place
Gerry Barnes and Tom Williamson

Although the history of orchards and fruit varieties is of great popular interest, there have been few academic treatments of the subject. This book presents results from a three-year project, ‘Orchards East’, investigating the history and ecology of orchards in the east of England.

Publisher: University of Hertfordshire Press
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2020Orchard: A Year in England’s Eden
Benedict Macdonald, Nicholas Gates

England’s ancient orchards, collaborations between people and nature, are sources of hope for the future. Protecting them promises a far richer England for the centuries to come, for wildlife and for us.

Publisher: William Collins Books
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2020Orchard Recipes from Eastern England
Monica Askay and Tom Williamson

This short book not only looks at the history of orchards in eastern England, and of the fruit grown within them, but is also a recipe book, providing examples of how different kinds of fruit typical of the eastern counties, varieties of apple, pear, plum and cherry, can be used and eaten. 

Publisher: Bridge Publishing
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2019Heritage Apples
Caroline Ball

In the course of the past century we have lost much of our rich heritage of orchard fruits, but with taste once again triumphing over shelf-life and a renewed interest in local varieties, we are rediscovering the delights of that most delicious and adaptable fruit: the apple.

Publisher: Bodleian Library Publishing
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2019The Extraordinary Story of the Apple
Barrie E. Juniper and David J. Mabberley

This book details the natural and cultural history of the apple, using DNA evidence, from its origins in China, along the Silk Road to Europe and onto the Americas and Australia.

Publisher: Kew Publishing
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2019The Language of Fruit: Literature and Horticulture in the Long Eighteenth Century
Liz Bellamy

Liz Bellamy explores how poets, playwrights, and novelists from the Restoration to the Romantic era represented fruit and fruit trees in a period that saw significant changes in cultivation techniques, the expansion of the range of available fruit varieties, and the transformation of the mechanisms for their exchange and distribution.

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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2019The Lost Orchard
Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc has planted an orchard of 2,500 trees in the grounds of his hotel-restaurant in Oxfordshire. Yielding about 30 tonnes of fruit for his kitchen each year, it is full of ancient and forgotten varieties of British apples and pears, along with walnut trees, quince, medlars, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, damsons and cherries.

Publisher: Headline
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Peter Coles

This sumptuously illustrated book tells the remarkable story of the mulberry tree and its migrations from China and Central Asia to almost every continent of the globe. It will appeal to all who wish to know more of the rich history of this emblematic tree.

Publisher: Reaktion Books
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2019 – Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider and the Complicated Art of Making a Living – Andy Brennan

2018 – Apples of Wales – Carwyn Graves

2018 – Damsons: An Ancient Fruit in the Modern Kitchen – Sarah Conrad Gothie

2018 – The Devon Orchards Book – Michael Gee

2018 – The Shadow Orchard – Jim Chapman

2018 – The Original Warden Pear (2nd ed.) – Margaret Roberts

2018 – The Worcester Black Pear – Wade Muggleton

2017 – Growing Urban Orchards – Susan Poizner

2017 – Nuts: Growing and Cooking – Jane McMordland Hunter and Sally Hughes

2017 – The Apples and Orchards of Worcestershire – Wade Muggleton

2016 – The Apple Orchard: The Story of Our Most English Fruit – Pete Brown

2016 – How to Prune an Apple Tree – Chloe Ward

2015 – Apple – Marcia Reiss

2015 – Apples: a Field Guide – Michael Clark

2014 – The Apple Book – Rosie Sanders

2014 – A Cornish Pomona – James Evans and Mary Martin

2014 – Cider Enthusiasts’ Manual – Bill Bradshaw

2014 – Native Apples of Gloucestershire – Charles Martell

2014 – Quinces, Growing and Cooking – Jane McMorland Hunter and Sue Dunster

2014 – Wild Fruit: A Field Guide to Britain and Europe – Alain & Marie-Jeanne Généve

2013 – The Apples of North America – Tom Burford

2013 – The Apples and Orchards of Cumbria – Andy Gilchrist

2013 – The Apple Pruning Manual – Roger Worracker and Malcom Withnall

2013 – The Tradescants’ Orchard – Barrie Juniper & Hanneke Grootenboer

2012 – The Illustrated World Enclyclopedia of Apples – Andrew Mikolajski

2012 – The Lost Orchards of Cantre’r Gwaelod – Richard Bambrey

2012 – Orchards – Claire Masset

2012 – Alcohol and its Role in the Evolution of Human Society – Ian S. Hornsey

2011 – Apple: A Global History – Erika Janik

2011 – Growing Fruit Trees – J. M. Lespinasse, É. Leterme

2011 – How to Grow Apples and Make Cider (2nd ed.) – Bill Bleasdale

2011 – The Fruit Tree Handbook – Ben Pike

2010 – For the Love of an Orchard – Jane McMorland Hunter, Chris Kelly

2010 – Tender, Vol II: A Cook’s Guide to the Fruit Garden – Nigel Slater

2009 – Bob Flowerdew’s Complete Fruit Book – Bob Flowerdew

2009 – Directions for the Gardiner and Other Horticultural Advice – John Evelyn, ed. Maggie Campbell-Culver

2009 – Fruitful Legacy – Susan A. Dolan

2009 – Organic Fruit Production and Viticulture, A Complete Guide – Stella Cubison

2008 – Apples of the Welsh Marches – Marcher Apple Network

2008 – Ciderland – James Crowden

2008 – Community Orchards Handbook – Common Ground

2008 – Forgotten Fruits – Christopher Stocks

2007 – Grow Your Own Fruit – Ken Muir

2007 – Home-Grown Fruit – Jane Eastoe

2007 – Man-Made Eden, Historic Orchards in Somerset and Gloucestershire – James Russell

2007 – The Northern Pomona: Apples For Cool Climates – ed. Linden Hawthorne, Elke Laver, Bridget Gillespie

2006 – The Isle of Wight Apple Book – Alison Harding

2006 – The Story of the Apple – Barrie E. Juniper & David J. Mabberley

2006 – Berries – Roger Yepsen

2005 – Fruits of the Hedgerow and Unusual Garden Fruits – Charlotte Popescu

2005 – The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist – Michael Phillips

2005 – The Orchard, a Memoir (reprint ed.) – Adele Crockett Robertson

2003 – Apples, A Field Guide – Michael Clark

2003 – Fruit, An Illustrated History – Peter Blackburn-Maze

2003 – Le Potager du Roi – Stephanie de Courtois

2002 – Growing Cider Apples: A Guide to Good Practice – Liz Copas, Roger Umpelby

2002 – Favourite Apple Recipes – compiled by J. Salmon (publ.)

2002 – Pomona Britannica, the Complete Plates (Taschen reprint ed.) – George Brookshaw

2002 – Success With Apples and Pears to Eat and Drink – Alan Rowe

2002 – The New Book of Apples – Joan Morgan, Alison Richards

2002 – The Summer Fruits Cookbook – Charlotte Popescu

2001 – A Somerset Pomona: The Cider Apples of Somerset – Liz Copas

2001 – Cabbages & Kings – The Origins of Fruit & Vegetables – Jonathan Roberts

2001 – Der Apfel, Sortannemen und Synonyme – Johann-Heinrich Rolff

2001 – Five Decades With Tropical Fruit, A Personal Journey – William F. Whitman

2000 – The Common Ground Book of Orchards – Common Ground

1999 – Apples, a Social History – Sally Twiss

1999 – The Autumn Fruits Cookbook – Charlotte Popescu

1999 – Cider, the Forgotten Miracle – James Crowden

1999 – Growing Fruit – Harry Baker

1998 – Apples, the Story of the Fruit of Temptation – Frank Browning

1998 – Cornucopia, the Lore of Fruits & Vegetables – Annie Lise Roberts

1998 – Cox at its Best – the Whole Story – Dan Neuteboom and Malcolm Withnall

1998 – The Country House Kitchen Garden 1600-1950 – Ed. C. Anne Wilson

1997 – The Apple Cookbook – Charlotte Popescu

1997 – The Orchard, A Memoir – Adele Crockett Robinson

1997 – Pears – Jim Arbury, Sarah Pinhey

1996 – Fruity Stories – Joanna Readman

1996 – Pomona’s Harvest – An Illustrated Chronicle of Antiquarian Fruit Literature – H. Frederic Janson

1995 – Fruit Past & Present (RHS Fruit Group 50th Anniversary) – ed. Karen Wilson and Brian Self

1995 – Summer Fruit: A Country Garden Cookbook – Edon Waycott

1994 – Apple Games and Customs – Beatrice Mayfield

1994 – Berries: A Country Garden Cookbook – Sharon Kramis

1994 – Pears: A Country Garden Cookbook – Janet Hazen

1994 – The Brogdale Apple and Pear Recipe Book – Geerings of Ashford

1994 – The Brogdale Stone Fruit Recipe Book – Geerings of Ashford

1992 – The Cuckoo in June: Tales of a Sussex Orchard – David Atkins

1991 – The Apple Source Book – Sue Clifford, Angela King

1991 – The Fruit Garden Displayed (8th ed.) – Harry Baker

1990 – Growing Tree Fruits – Bonham Bazeley

1990 – Paradise Out of a Common Field – Joan Morgan and Alison Richards

1990 – Pruning Hardy Fruits – Jack Woodward

1989 – Hooker’s Finest Fruits – Frederick A. Roach

1988 – A Harvest of Apples – Ruth Ward

1988 – Fruit Culture, Its Science and Art – Kay Ryugo

1988 – The English Apple – Rosanne Sanders

1988 – The Apple Book (U.S. Edtn of The English Apple) – Rosanne Sanders

1987 – Bulmers of Hereford, A Century of Cider-Making – L. P. Wilkinson

1987 – Bulmers Pomona – C. Todhunter, R. Williams and S. Rodney

1987 – The Complete Book of British Berries – David C. Lang

1986 – The Apple Book – Peter Blackburne-Maze

1985 – Cultivated Fruits of Britain: Their Origin and History – F.A. Roach

1984 – Cider Making in Wales – John Williams-Davies

1983 – Apples: A Guide to the Identification of International Varieties – John Bultitude

1983 – A Year of Fruits – Sebastian Lousada

1983 – Forgotten Fruit – Francesca Greenoak

1983 – Fruit Pest and Disease Control the Organic Way – Lawrence D. Hills

1982 – Cidermaking (Shire Classics) – Michael B. Quinion

1982 – Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book – Jane Grigson

1982 – The History and Virtues of Cyder – R. K. French

1981 – The Book of Fruit and Fruit Cookery – Paul Dinnage

1979 – Grafting Fruit Trees – Larry Southwick

1979 – The Complete Book of Fruit – Leslie Johns & Violet Stevenson

1978 – Simmons Manual of Fruit – Tree, Bush, Cane and Other Varieties – Alan F. Simmons

1978 – The Illustrated History of Gardening – Anthony Huxley

1977 – The Home Orchard Cookery Book – Gillian Painter

1976 – Pruning in the Fruit Garden – F. Hilkenbäumer

1976 – The Fruit Book – Mary Norwak

1975 – Apples: History, Folklore, Horticulture and Gastronomy – Peter Wynne

1975 – Climate and the Orchard – H. C. Pereira

1975 – Wild Fruits and Berries – E. A. Ellis

1973 – Fruit Present and Future Vol II – The R.H.S. Fruit Group, ed. Elspeth Napier

1972 – Growing Unusual Fruit – Alan F. Simmons

1967 – The Pruning of Hardy Fruit Trees and Bushes (13th impression) – J. M. S. Potter, revised by E. G. Gilbert

1966 – Pruning Apple Trees – C. R. Thompson

1966 – Fruit Present and Future (RHS Fruit Group 21st Anniversary) – Ed. P. M. Synge and Elspeth Napier

1961 – Compost Fruit Growing – S. R. Williams

1957 – Raspberries and Loganberries – H. M. Hughes

1956 – Currants and Gooseberries – D. S. Crowther

1956 – Practical Aspects of the Manuring of Fruit Trees in Gardens (revised edition) – T. Wallace

1955 – Fruit From Trained Trees – Stanley B. Whitehead

1954 – Mr. Cuthbert’s Guide to Growing Fruit Trees (booklet) – Mr. Cuthbert

1954 – The Pruning of Fruit Trees – Paul Champagnat (trans. N.B. Bagenal)

1953 – Science and Fruit – ed. T. Wallace and R. W. Marsh

1950 – A Fruit Grower’s Diary – Raymond Bush

1949 – Fruit Growing for Amateurs – Plant Protection Ltd.

1949 – The Plums of England – H. V. Taylor

1949 – The Pruning of Apples and Pears by Renewal Methods – C. R. Thompson

1948 – Fruit-Growing 2nd edition reprint – N. B. Bagenal

1948 – Hardy Fruit Growing – Sir Frederick Keeble and A. N. Rawes

1948 – Simple Fruit Growing (2nd ed.) – P. K. Bear

1946 – Fruit Bud Development Illustrated by a Series of Charts – U.K. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

1946 – The Apples of England (3rd ed.) – H. V. Taylor

1946 – The Apples of England (2nd ed.) – H. V. Taylor

1944 – Our Heritage of Fruits (re-issued ed.) – Hilda M. Coley

1935 – Apples and Pears, Varieties and Cultivation in 1934 – ed. F. J. Chittenden

1934 – The Pruning of Hardy Fruit Trees (1947 reprint edition) – Henry Dunkin

1933 – The Apple – Sir A. Daniel Hall and M. B. Crane

1929 – The Anatomy of Dessert (2006 reprint ed.) – Edward A. Bunyard

1926 – Fruit and its Cultivation (4th Edition) – T. W. Sanders

1923(?) – The Photographic Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees (reprint edtn.) – Ephraim Porter Felt

1917 – Pruning Fruit Trees (reprint ed.) – W. H. Alderman and E. C. Auchter

1913 – Pictorial Practical Fruit Growing – Walter P. Wright

1901 – Bush-Fruits (2nd ed. reprint ed.) – Fred W. Card

1899 – Catalogue of Fruit Trees Cultivated by George Bunyard & Co. (reprint ed.) – George Bunyard & Co.

1891 – The Miniature Fruit Garden (reprint ed.) – Thomas Rivers

1890 – Fruit Farming For Profit (3rd ed.) – George Bunyard

1862 – The Science and Practice of Grafting, Pruning and Training Fruit Trees (reprint ed.) – Alphonse Du Breuil (trans. W. Wardle)

1779 – The British Fruit Gardener and Art of Pruning (reprint ed.) – John Abercrombie