The texts on this page all relate to top-fruit, orchards and orchard management, or cider-making. They either refer to print copies in my possession, or to copyright-free historical texts or open source research projects that are available online.

The full list of everything I’ve found to-date can be accessed (in a read-only form) here. List-building is ongoing, so if you’re aware of any open source texts that aren’t already listed there, or a useful online archive that I could search through, please do drop me a line and let me know.

My intention is to gradually build up this section of the site to include more detail on those texts that I have explored in more detail. For each entry, a ‘Notes’ link will take you to a page on this site with a summary of the text and/or a few findings of interest within. Any other links are either to the online source (Google Books,,, Early English Books Online, HathiTrust etc.) or an (affilitate) link to, in case you are interested in obtaining your own copy.

Click on any of the title links in the list below to jump down the page to the entry for that title. Use your browswer’s ‘back’ function to return to the list.

  • 2020 – Orchard: A Year in England’s Eden – B. Macdonald, N. Gates
  • 2011 – Growing Fruit Trees – J. M. Lespinasse, É. Leterme
  • 1997 – Pears – J. Arbury, S. Pinhey
  • 1955 – Fruit From Trained Trees – S. B. Whitehead
  • 1954 – The Pruning of Fruit Trees – P. Champagnat (trans. N.B. Bagenal)
  • 1862 – The Science and Practice of Grafting, Pruning and Training Fruit Trees – A. Du Breiul (trans. W. Wardle)
  • 1678 – Vinetum Britannicum – J. Worlidge
  • 1629 – Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris – J. Parkinson
  • 1502 – The Customs of London or Arnold’s Chronicle – R. Arnold

2011 – Growing Fruit Trees (English translation)
ed. Jean-Marie Lespinasse, Évelyne Leterme
(original: 2005 De La Taille à la Conduite des Arbres Frutiers)

Highly technical guide to modern methods of growing 20 different types of fruit trees, based on decades of academic research.

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1954 – The Pruning of Fruit Trees
Paul Champagnat (trans. N. B. Bagenal)

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1678 – Vinetum Britannicum or, A treatise of cider and other wines and drinks
John Worlidge

Hugely detailed C17th cider- (and fruit wine-) making manual. Includes orchard management and recommended fruit varieties.

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1502 – The Customs of London or Arnold’s Chronicle
Various (attributed to Richard Arnold)

C15th-16th miscellany, mostly lists, letters and laws, but including sections on orchard management and tree grafting.

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