Py2 – Pear ‘Nouveau Poiteau’ (‘Nouveau Poitou’?)


Species: Pyrus communis
Use: Dessert pear
Ploidy: Diploid?
Pollination Group: C (Poitou) or E (Poiteau)
Cultivar Group: 2 or 3
Bearing: Spur
Blossom: (notes to follow)
Season: Late October to early November
More Info: Keepers (Poiteau) / Joan Morgan (Poiteau) / Chris Bowers (Poitou)

Tree Source: Peter Nichol, Northern Fruit Group
Rootstock: Quince ‘C’
Planting Size: Feathered maiden
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


August 2020 – Pear ‘Noiveau Poitou’
August 2020 – Pear ‘Noiveau Poitou’ fruit, not yet ripe (by 2-3 months)
August 2020 – Pear ‘Noiveau Poitou’ fruit, not yet ripe (by 2-3 months)

Notes & Observations

Background – Supplied as ‘Nouveau Poitou’, which according to the Chris Bowers website is a “realtively new introduction”. However, there’s also a ‘Nouveau Poiteau’ which according to the Keepers website is an old Belgian variety developed in 1827, and according to Joan Morgan was “raised by J-B Van Mons, Belgium’s famous pear breeder”.

Both cultivars look similar in size and shape, based on modern photos, but from the degree of russeting on our pears in 2020, I’m leaning towards Poiteau…

Season 2019 – Healthy growth of main stems, but very few fruits.

7.5.20 – Masses of blossom, thinning definitely required (and was subsequently carried out).

13.8.20 – Good fruit set, at least 40+. Mid-sized fruit already resulting in branch arching. Good stem growth. A few spots of pear rust noted.

Season 2020 – Produced a few dozen large, russeted green fruits. Tried picking some in mid-late September – they came away easily with a gentle lift & no twisting – but they refused to ripen and remained woody and starchy before shrivelling. Left them alone until late October / early November and they ripened perfectly off the tree. Succulent, very juicy, good flavour.

One of the tree’s main limbs was arched to the ground by the weight of the fruit so may need to be thinned / removed to prevent the tree becoming badly lop-sided, but otherwise looking good for a repeat performance in 2021.

Winter 2021 – Strong leader establishing. One very low arching stem due to fruit load last year. Right-angled growth from previously pruned tips. Pruned to remove competing vertical growth and thin centre. Will need re-staking.

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