Me1 – Medlar ‘Nottingham’


Species: Mespilus germanica L.
Use: Cooking (jellies, chutneys, cheeses)
Ploidy: Self-fertile
Bearing: Spur bearing
Blossom: Large, white, low scent
Season: November (after first frost)
More Info: Victoriana Nursery / Real English Fruit

Tree Source: Real English Fruit Trees
Rootstock: Quince A?
Planting Size: Feathered standard (heavily pruned)
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


February 2018 – Newly-planted Medlar ‘Nottingham’
August 2020 – Medlar ‘Nottingham’
August 2020 – Medlar ‘Nottingham’ fruit, some showing signs of splitting

Notes & Observations

Background – A smaller, more upright-habited medlar. Was heavily pruned by the nursery for transport (as per photo in gallery, above) and so lacked a clear leader. Development since has been vigorous and slightly chaotic, with lots of horizontal branches self-arching under their own weight.

7.5.20 – Blossom opened from around May 5th. Moderate volume.

13.8.20 – Moderate fruit set, variable sizes, possibly due to issues with irrigation during dry spells & tree’s position at the top of the slope. Support post will need to be removed as it has caused damage to some of the main scaffold branches.

Season 2020 – Pruning decisions will need to be made this winter to assess how much of the horizontal growth – which should provide the best fruiting potential – to remove, and whether to trim back the new leaders that have developed in a rather wind-blown direction.

Winter 2021 – Multiple crossing branches removed to reduce chaotic growth. New leader gradually establishing itself.

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