Ma3 – Apple ‘Wareham Russet’ (Tudball Russet)


Species: Malus domestica Borkh.
Use: Dessert apple
Ploidy: Self-sterile (unsure diploid or triploid)
Pollination Group: C / 3
Cultivar Group: 2 (based on growth to-date)
Bearing: Spur?
Blossom: (notes to follow)
Season: Unknown as yet,
More Info: Pomiferous /

Tree Source: Peter Nichol, Northern Fruit Group
Rootstock: MM106
Planting Size: 2yr old feathered maiden
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


August 2020 – Apple ‘Wareham’s Russet’

Notes & Observations

Background – An old variety, apparently known before 1820 (citation?), brought back from the brink of extinction from a single surviving tree in Weaverham by Tony Gentil of Reeseheath college (source). Other old trees in the village have been mis-identified as ‘Wareham Russet’ (hopefully the provenance of this particular specimen is accurate…)

7.5.20 – Reasonable amount of blossom, but mostly in the centre of the crown, with some at the tips and on brindilles.

13.8.20 – Poor fruit set, visible symptoms of bitter-pit.

Season 2020 – None of the set fruit reached maturity. Fingers crossed for better conditions in 2021, and steadier irrigation will need to be provided in dry spells.

Winter 2021 – Vigorous growth, some potential fruit buds on main stems. Very few fruiting spurs (predominant tip-bearer?) Pruned out crossing growth, avoided tipping to retain fruit buds.

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