Ma2 – Apple ‘Kidd’s Orange Red’


Species: Malus domestica Borkh.
Use: Dessert
Ploidy: Diploid (partially self-fertile)
Pollination Group: D / 4
Cultivar Group: 1 or 2
Bearing: Spur
Blossom: (notes to follow)
Season: Early-mid October
More Info: Keepers / OrangePippin / Pomiferous

Tree Source: Peter Nichol, Northern Fruit Group
Rootstock: MM106
Planting Size: 2yr old feathered maiden
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


August 2020 – Apple ‘Kidd’s Orange Red’
August 2020 – Apple ‘Kidd’s Orange Red’, hand-modelled by Jo

Notes & Observations

Background – First grown in 1912 from ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ x ‘Delicious’ and named ‘Delco’ by James Hutton Kidd in New Zealand. Re-named ‘Kidd’s Orange Red’ in the 1930s when rights were bought by the Duncan & Davies nursery of New Plymouth. A redder variant was discovered in the 1960s and released as ‘Captain Kidd’ (source). Kidd also developed ‘Gala’ (‘Royal Gala’ is a redder variant.)

Season 2019 – Vigorous stem growth, very little fruiting.

7.5.20 – Masses of blossom, thinning required (and was subsequently carried out).

13.8.20 – Very good fruit set, 30+ good sized. Spur-forming on long branches. Natural branch arching occurring under fruit weight (even after thinning). Plenty of dard-on-bourse formation observed.

Season 2020 – The best performing tree in the orchard this year. Apples tasted sharp when picked early (late Sept) but developed a richness and sweetness over the course of October, staying good into early November. Strong growth of upright stems may require removal of one or two to prevent over-crowding in the centre. Slight kink at base of trunk may necessitate re-staking at some point to avoid structural issues.

Winter 2021 – Very vigorous growth, many potential fruit buds. Pruned to thin centre of canopy, remove crossing etc. Horizontal branch extension growth reduced to avoid clashes with Ma4. Small areas of possible canker.