Ma10 – Apple ‘Red Miller’ (or ‘Miller’s Seedling’?)


Species: Malus domestica Borkh.
Use: Dessert
Ploidy: Diploid
Pollination Group: C / 3
Cultivar Group: 3 (based on observation 2018-2020)
Bearing: Spur
Blossom: (notes to follow)
Season: t.b.c. (should be early, Aug-Sep)
More Info: Keepers / OrangePippin / Pomiferous

Tree Source: Peter Nichol, Northern Fruit Group
Rootstock: MM106
Planting Size: 2 yr old feathered maiden
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


August 2020 – Apple ‘Red Miller / Miller’s Seedling’ (?)
August 2020 – Poorly-formed fruit, with splitting damage

Notes & Observations

Originally supplied as ‘Red Miller’s Seedling’, but sources indicate there are two separate cultivars: ‘Miller’s Seedling’, of which ‘Red Miller’ is a sport. I’m assuming this tree is the second.

7.5.20 – Sparse blossom, only on leader, none on horizontal stems.

13.8.20 – V poor fruit set (approx 6), some codling / winter moth damage. Good stem growth, so may perform better in 2021?

Season 2020 – fruit pale yellow-green instead of red, also very poor taste and quality, so I’m wondering whether this is an accidental rootstock outgrowth rather than the named cultivar? Will continue to observe in 2021.

Winter 2021 – Excessive extension growth (2’+) with crowding in the centre of the canopy thinned out. Reasonable spur development. Tip-pruned to encourage canopy and check extension growth.

N.B. Identified as out-grown MM106 rootstock, September 2021. Planning to cut back all top-growth to two main stems and convert to family tree.

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