Ma10 – Apple ‘Red Miller’ (or ‘Miller’s Seedling’?)


Species: Malus domestica Borkh.
Use: Dessert
Ploidy: Diploid
Pollination Group: C / 3
Cultivar Group: 3 (based on observation 2018-2020)
Bearing: Spur
Blossom: (notes to follow)
Season: t.b.c. (should be early, Aug-Sep)
More Info: Keepers / OrangePippin / Pomiferous

Tree Source: Peter Nichol, Northern Fruit Group
Rootstock: MM106
Planting Size: 2 yr old feathered maiden
Planting Date: 8th February 2018


August 2020 – Apple ‘Red Miller / Miller’s Seedling’ (?)
August 2020 – Poorly-formed fruit, with splitting damage

Notes & Observations

Originally supplied as ‘Red Miller’s Seedling’, but sources indicate there are two separate cultivars: ‘Miller’s Seedling’, of which ‘Red Miller’ is a sport. I’m assuming this tree is the second.

7.5.20 – Sparse blossom, only on leader, none on horizontal stems.

13.8.20 – V poor fruit set (approx 6), some codling / winter moth damage. Good stem growth, so may perform better in 2021?

Season 2020 – fruit were pale yellow-green, also very poor taste and quality, so I’m wondering whether this is an accidental rootstock outgrowth rather than the named cultivar? Will continue to observe in 2021.

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