Cy1 – Quince ‘Meeches (Meech’s) Prolific’


Species: Cydonia oblonga (a.k.a. Cydonia vulgaris)
Planting Date: 8th February 2018
Tree Type: Small bush standard, nursery pruned
Harvesting: Late Autumn? (Hasn’t fruited to-date)
More Info: RHS, Wikipedia, OrangePippin


April 2020 – Pre-pruning to remove fireblight-damaged branches

Notes and Observations

Autumn – Winter 2019 – Major die-back of leaves and stems observed, diagnosed likely to be fireblight.

Spring 2020 – Severe pruning carried out to remove dead (brownish bark in photo above) & apparently diseased material. Approx. two thirds of canopy had to be cut out.

7.5.20 – Decent amount of blossom on remaining branches.

13.8.20 – Good recovery growth following emergency pruning. No fruit set, but no sign of major recurrence of fireblight. Some minor points of possible ongoing infection pruned away. Winter pruning required to re-shape in order to re-balance uneven growth & prevent lop-sidedness.

Winter 2021 – Mass of whippy re-growth after pruning last year’s. Thinned out to re-establish structure and try to encourage a new potential leader.

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