About the Content on Notes From the Orchard

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. You’d like to know a bit more about the types of content I post here? Here you go:

Long-Read Articles

Time allowing, I try to post a longer piece once a week or so. You can catch up with them in the longer articles archive, and here are the three most recently posted:

Most of my longer articles are on the subject of orchard work, with particular emphasis on top fruit planting, pruning, thinning, pest & disease management and harvesting, as well as background info and orchard science (fruticulture / pomology).

I also write about orchard tradition and cultural practices, historical orcharding techniques, and review particularly fascinating and/or useful fruit growing or orchard-themed books, under book notes.

Short Reads and Snippets


I like to trawl through old pomology and orchard management books, looking out for interesting clues to the development of orchards and the changes in methods and techniques used to look after them across the centuries.

From time to time I find a section of text, piece of advice or grand pronouncement that particularly fascinates or amuses me, or is still just as relevant today as it was when it was published.

Check out the Quotations archive.

Ads of Yore

Every so often an old fruit nursery catalogue or text-book yields an advertisement for an eye-opening bit of of orchard kit, or some weirdly phrased or stated claim to a product’s greatness.

Check out the Ads of Yore archive.


I take a lot of photos in the orchards that I help to look after, and I’ll sometimes find an old book or catalogue with some rather lovely illustrations, so you’ll occasionally find a post of mostly pictures.

Check out the Gallery archive.

Linking Out

I also try to share interesting, informative and useful websites, Twitter accounts, or articles on other blogs that I come across. Eventually I hope to put together a more structured links library, but for now,

Check out the Linking Out archive.

If there’s a particular type of content that you’ve been enjoying, or would like to see more of, please do drop me a line or let me know via @nftorchard on Twitter.