“Agricola” on the Moral Philanthropy of Good Cider

“There is no other fruit tree which so richly deserves the attention and cultivation of the Husbandman as the apple ; it will thrive and live in almost every climate ; it yields a fruit equalled by none in abundance and excellence, and a liquor, which if properly made, is little inferior to the best wine.

It behoves every philanthropist to encourage the cultivation of orchards and the making of good cider ; by way of discouraging the too general use of ardent spirits. Good cider would be a national saving of wealth by expelling foreign liquors ; and of life, by expelling the use of ardent spirits.”

“Agricola”, A North Carolina Farmer – A Series of Essays on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, In Forty-seven Numbers p.145 (1819)

Well, we wouldn’t want to use ardent spirits too generally, would we? Expel them! Expel them, I say! A whole lot more Philanthropic orcharding in the pursuit of abundant and excellent apples – and perhaps just a splash of best-wine-quality liquor? – is just what’s needed instead. “Agricola” (whoever you were) I salute you! I’m thoroughly convinced. Sign me up.

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