Charlotte Mason, on Making ‘An Excellent Plumb Pudding’

"One pound of suet, the same of currants, the same of raisins stoned, the yolks of eight eggs, the whites of four, the crumb of a penny-loaf grated, one pound of flour, half a nutmeg, a tea-spoonful of grated ginger, a little salt, a small glass of brandy ; beat the eggs first, mix them with some milk ; by degrees add the flour and other ingredients, and what more milk may be necessary ; it must be very thick and well stirred ; boil it five hours."

Charlotte Mason, The Ladies’ Assistant for Regulating and Supplying the Table, 4th edition (1778)

I realise it’s a bit late for Stir-up Sunday but this suitably seasonal recipe, for Charlotte Mason’s “excellent plumb pudding” seems like a nice, simple one to me. I reckon I might even be able to adapt this to a gluten free version, if I added a spoonful or two of xanthan gum along with the GF flour and breadcrumbs.

As for the boiling part, I believe the recommended method is to use a ‘pudding cloth’ (which you can buy online) or to liberally coat a muslin cloth in flour, then wrap the pudding in that before plunging it into boiling water. Do double-check that though, because I’ve not tried it myself. And obviously you should check on your pudding at regular intervals and make sure the water stays topped up. Not one to leave on the stove whilst you nip out to do the weekly shop.

How about you? Does this sound like a plumb pudding recipe you might like to try? Do let me know if so, via the comments.

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