Cassel’s Household Guide, on Making ‘Orange Apple Jelly (Excellent)’

"Orange Apple Jelly (Excellent) - When the apple juice, as above (via the previous recipe in the book: cooked apples drained through a jelly bag overnight and not squeezed, so the jelly stays clear) is put into the saucepan to be boiled down with the sugar, throw in slices of orange with the peel on, and the pips removed; let all cook together. On potting it off let each pot of jelly contain a slice or two of orange. Both of the above (this recipe, and the one for apple jelly) are delicate sweet relishes to eat with bread."

Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. – Cassell’s Household Guide to Every Department of Practical Life, vol 1 (1881)

Here’s an interesting little twist on a standard apple jelly. I might try this one when Seville oranges are available, early next year. I expect the sharp orange slices would add a nice tang and hopefully contrast nicely with the sweet jelly.

How about you? Have you tried this variation on apple jelly? Do you have any other interesting combinations to recommend? Please do let me know, via the comments.

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