Gallery: Pear Blossom at Ordsall Hall, Spring 2021

Ordsall Hall’s heritage pear trees: 2x ‘Black Worcester’ and 2x ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ (and a medlar hiding at the back…)

One of the joys of working as a gardener at Ordsall Hall – a true heritage gem in the heart of Salford’s burgeoning Quays district – is that I have the opportunity to care for and manage the trees in the heritage orchard. One of the highlights of the orchard year – second only to harvesting and enjoying the fruit from the trees – is when we see them put on their annual springtime blossom display.

This year the ‘Worcester Black’ and ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ pear trees have been particularly resplendent in their mantles of snowy white (on closer inspection tinted with the red speckles of their pollen-laden anthers) and were looking especially fine towards the end of the April heatwave.

Here are a few photos that I took a couple of weeks ago, before May’s miserable weather set in. Enjoy!

Spending time amongst the blooming pear trees is one of the great joys of spring.
There can be few lovelier sights than a ‘Worcester Black’ (or ‘Black Worcester’) pear in full bloom.
The second ‘Worcester Black’ pear at Ordsall Hall has a very different growth habit to its larger neighbour.
A rather lovely ‘Black Worcester’ pear-blossom cluster
Another ‘Black Worcester’ pear blossom cluster, even larger than the first
A ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ pear in full bloom.
Two ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ trees with the Hall as back-drop.

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