John Mollard, on Making Pippins With Rice

Boil two ounces of whole rice with half a pint of milk, and when it is nearly absorbed put the rice into a mortar: add a table spoonful of brandy, a little grated lemon peel, a small quantity of pounded cinnamon and cloves, two ounces of sifted sugar, two eggs, and pound all together. Then pare twelve large ripe golden pippins, core them with an apple scoop, mould over them some of the mixture with the hand, put writing paper on a tin plate, rub it over with sweet oil or butter, put the apples on it, and bake gently till done; then serve.

John Mollard, The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined (1802)

This is an interesting one. Baked apples, in a baked rice-pudding(ish) jacket? Flavoured with spices and brandy? Yeah, I’m up for that (cloves aside, I’m really not keen on the taste of cloves so I’d probably have to substitute nutmeg or ginger. Ginger would work…)

How about you? Fancy giving it a go and posting your notes via the comments? Or emailing me the pics? Please do!

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