John Murrell, on Making Apple Pufs

To make Apple pufs. Take a Pomewater or any other Apple that is not hard, or harsh in taste: mince it small with a dozen or twenty Razins of the Sunne: wet the Apples in two Egges, beat them all together with the backe of a Knife, or a Spoone. Season them with Nutmeg, Rosewater, Sugar, and Ginger: drop them into a Frying-pan with a Spoone, frye them like Egges, wring on the juyce of an Orenge, or Lemmon, and serve them in.

John Murrell, A New Booke of Cookerie (1615)

Via The Foods of England Project, a rather tasty-sounding recipe for seventeenth century sweet treats. I think I’ll give those a go. I wonder what they’d fry in best? Probably butter, although lard might be more historically authentic.

Razins of the Sunne are just raisins, or more likely sultanas, as opposed to currants. As for the apple, the Pomewater is a variety that’s no longer available, according to the National Fruit Collecton database, but I expect any decent dessert apple will do.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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