Scion Gathering – Advice From the Experts

Here’s another collection of short videos, this time showing you what to look for and how best to collect scions for grafting from your fruit trees; at this time of the year, mainly apples and pears.

Once again, rather than write an article on the subject of scion gathering when I don’t really have anything new to add to the body of knowledge, I’ve found a few informative videos on YouTube that will tell you all you need to know.

If you find those useful, check out my previous ‘From the Experts’ post on Fruit Tree Planting. I’ll see if I can cover grafting techniques in the next week or so, whilst grafting season is still in full swing.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species

The PTES website has lots of information on traditional orcharding and this short piece offers an overview of scion cutting.

Stephen Hayes

Winchester-based veteran orchardist and author of Tales From an English Orchard with a sure and simple guide to gathering scions.

Stefan Sobowiak

Permaculture orchardist at Les Femmes Miracle Farms, near Montreal in Canada. Here he covers selection, gathering and storage of scions.

Steven Edholm

Self Reliance blogger and YouTuber at, Steven has a whole series of vids on orcharding skills on his channel.

Have you filmed or written a guide to scion gathering that can add to the knowledge-bank? Please feel free to post links and descriptions via the comments, below (everyone’s first comment on the site is moderated – apologies for any delay in go-live if you’re new here).

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