Darlene Hayes is Speaking of Cider Apples

Over at the Turn Them All Into Cider blog, Darlene Hayes – author of Cider Cocktails, Another Bite of the Apple – has started what promises to be a rather fascinating series on a range of cider apple varieties.

In the introductory item Darlene explains the intent of the series: “In the coming months I’ll explore this broader notion of cider apples by taking a closer look at individual varieties – their history, what happens when someone ferments them, common and distinctive aromas and flavors that reflect place and process.

The first variety that Darlene has taken a look at is Harrison, an apple with roots in early eighteenth America that has stood the test of time and is still popular with cider makers today. Arlene’s piece is full of the sort of historical book-trawling that I’m rather fond of myself, as well as tasting notes on half a dozen single-variety ‘Harrison’ ciders.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what other gems Darlene is going to bring us as the series develops.

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