Tree Planting Made Easy… with Dynamite!

Your new, best, tree-planting friend…

It has been conclusively proven that dynamite is an exceedingly valuable aid in the successful growing of trees. Those who have tried it are thoroughly convinced that no method of excavating the hole in which to plant a young tree is so economical, quick, or productive of desirable after-results as blasting with dynamite.

DuPont Dynamite promotional photo, 1911
“Man is holding 8 foot pole.”

Some time ago it was the prevailing idea that dynamite was unnecessary for tree planting unless the soil chanced to be under laid with hard pan in which case the explosive was regarded as valuable for breaking through the hard soil. It has been found by experiment, however, that trees thrive better when planted in blasted holes than in hand dug holes, even when no hard pan is encountered.”

From ‘Tree Planting With DuPont Dynamite‘ promotional brochure, 1911

Sure, sounds good. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll just check the Screwfix website see if they have any in stock… ah damn, they’re all out.

Disclaimer: Notes From the Orchard does not recommend or endorse the planting of fruit trees in holes blasted by DuPont (or any other brand of) dynamite. Do not try this at home. At least, not without a signed permission note from your Mum.

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