Fruit Tree Planting – Advice From the Experts

February 2018 – Newly-planted Damson ‘Shropshire Prune’

We’re right in the middle of bare-root tree planting season, and with the weather set to turn a bit milder and less torrential (after a cold snap over the next couple of days, around these parts at least), the conditions will be better for getting new fruit trees into the ground.

With that in mind, I was going to sit down this weekend to write a long-read piece about fruit tree planting. Then I realised I’d just be duplicating work already done by an assortment of pomological and horticultural experts, without really having anything new to add.

So instead, here are four videos packed with eminently practical and sensibly sound tree-planting advice, covering both bare-root and pot-grown tree planting. Have a watch of any or all of them and you’ll be all set for your next fruit tree planting session.

Ashridge Nurseries

Nursery and fruit tree supplier, based in Somerset.

Blackmoor Fruit Nursery

Specialist fruit tree and soft fruit nursery based in Hampshire.

Wade Muggleton

Orchardist with the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project and author of The Apples and Orchards of Worcestershire and The Worcester Black Pear.

Dan Neuteboom

Orchardist and Nurseryman (retired), Real English Fruit Trees.

What’s your favourite source of tree-planting advice? Please feel free to post links in the comments, below (everyone’s first comment is moderated, apologies for any delay in it going live…)

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