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Browsing around on Twitter recently, I came across a new website – – that has recently been launched and is promising to bring us the story of the apple, from ancient times to the modern day; highlighting many of the key events and developments in the history of the fruit, and the people behind those developments, along the way.

This online exhibition is a prelude to a series of real-world, physical exhibitions (remember those?) at various sites in Herefordshire. It’s a partnership between the Brightspace Foundation, the Hereford Cider Museum and the National Trust in Herefordshire, and aims to “bring together visual art & culture, sound, community engagement, science, and the natural environment to explore the fascinating history of this symbolic fruit”.

At its heart is an illustrated map of the Apple World, by artist and cartographer Helen Cann, which is a very lovely thing indeed (if a little tricky to read, with the text just a bit too small – could the web devs add a zoom function, perhaps?) The Stories section of the site is where the historical and biographical material will be posted over the next few months, and the Journal page promises to highlight the work of apple-inspired artists and creators. All in all it looks like it will develop into a rather fabulous resource for apple-lovers to enjoy, and I’m looking forward to following its development.

You can follow @applesandpeople on Twitter or their Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages for updates. Do take a look.

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