Gallery: Winter in the Orchard at Ordsall Hall

It was too damn cold last Friday to do any winter pruning in the heritage orchard at work; Ordsall Hall in Salford. It was nearly too damn cold to take photos, but I decided to risk mild frostbite and/or chillblains to snap a few images of the trees on a misty, murky January morning. Here’s the pick of the crop:

Click on any of the pics above for a closer look. Do feel free to blame any blurriness on either my phone’s ropey auto-focus or my shaky, chilly hands.

The Hall is closed at the moment due to the current lockdown, but if you’d like to come and visit the trees (or the Hall, of course, which has rather fascinating history, a very nice café, and is free to visit, although pre-booking may be required) then Head Gardener Jo and I would be delighted to tell you all about how we manage the orchard (most likely until you beg us to stop…)

Here endeth the plug.

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