Richard Arnold, on The Craft of Graffyng

To graf frute that shal have no core. Take a graff and bowe it in bothe endes combyng and kyt bothe endis graf wyse and so fasten theym in the stoke, and yf it growe soo wyth the tree, kyt away the grete ende and lete the smaller ende growe and his frute shall have no core.

Yf thou wyl make aplys redd’ take a graf of an apyll tree and graf it in a stoke of elme or aller and it shal bere redde aplys.

Item another for the same: bore an hole in an appl’ tree to the pithe
and tempir in water what colour thou wylt and then put it in the hole and stop it wa pynne and ý appil shalbe of ý same colour ý thou puttist into the tree.

Accredited to Richard Arnold, compiler (?) of The Customs of London
or Arnold’s Chronicle, 1502

You know, that last section seems to be describing a method for growing blue- (or green-, or purple-, or orange-) fleshed apples. Interesting. Odd, but interesting.

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