Rev. T Collings Brehaut, on Locating Your Fruit Tree

“The locality chosen for any particular [fruit] tree is of great importance, and demands much reflection. In this the amateur must submit to be guided by the experience of others, while he carefully observes for himself. Before any final decision, he should make a tour of the gardens in his neighbourhood. He should attentively note the varieties which flourish best in the soil and aspect which correspond with those in his own garden. The fruits most common in the neighbouring markets should also be considered, unless they are of an inferior description. These observations will not appear trivial to an amateur. Every one has experienced the value of such things who has commenced a career in horticulture. In these cases a reference to the catalogue of a respectable nursery is invaluable and may also be a great subject of amusement.”

Rev. T. Collings Brehaut, Cordon Pruning of Fruit Trees, 1860, Chap II

Wise words, Reverend Brehaut, wise words.

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