Samuel Colepress, on a Rare and Commendable Liquor

Black Mulberry, from Batty Langley’s Pomona, or the Fruit Garden Illustrated, 1728

“Cyder-season approaching, I know not how to conceal from the delicate and curious Cyder-drinker … the notice of a liquor as commendable, as yet rare. It is a composition of the Juyces of good Cyder-apples and Mulberries, producing the best tasted and most curiously coloured liquor, that many ever saw or tasted. Of which the experiment may be easily made by those that are furnisht with Mulberry-trees, without any considerable cost.”

Extract of a letter, written by Mr Samuel Colepress, 1666

Mulberry and apple cider – sorry, cyder – you say? Intriguing…

I wonder if there are any cider-makers out there making this rare and commendable liquor?

(One quick search later…) ah, yes, Crazy Dave. One more for the wish-list, then!

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