Gallery: Top-Fruit Blossom, Spring 2020

It’s been a rather incredible year for fruit blossom, hasn’t it? The past couple of days have turned a bit grey and wet (although of course the much-needed rain is hugely welcomed) but the first four weeks of April were sunny, hot and dry, and fruit trees responded with an effusive outpouring of flowers.

Of course, if all those blooms are successfully pollinated then there’s going to be an awful lot of fruitlet thinning to do towards the end of June. But frankly, who cares when we’ve been able to enjoy one of the most glorious sights of spring?

Here’s a gallery of some of the blossom pics I’ve snapped over the past few weeks, on the Plot #79 orchard, in my back garden air-pot mini-orchard, and around and about elsewhere.

As always, apologies for any blurring or poor focusing – blame my phone camera’s habit of focusing on backgrounds, and/or my own limited DSLR snapping skills.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version:

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